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The Future of Lighting is Here

Soltron Corporation is your premier international provider of LED lighting solutions. We customize solutions for a wide range of industries, enhancing beauty and safety while reducing energy costs and environmental impact. Positioning ourselves at the forefront of the LED revolution, we ensure the best possible results for any application around the world.

Our Mission

Our Technology is Light Years Ahead

Soltron Corporation strives to provide the highest quality light rendering in the sleekest most energy-efficient execution. Our goal is to deliver long-term cost savings while putting our customers’ businesses in the best possible light. Our superior quality Cree chip consistently outperforms the competitors in lifespan, lumen output, thermal management, and power input.

A Bright Future

We consider our environmental impact in every stage of our products’ life cycle, from the input of raw materials, to manufacturing, to the output of the finished product, to its ultimate disposal. We are proud to make mercury-free, energy efficient products that are not only better for the environment than conventional lights, but are also safer for our employee’s consumers’ and for future generations.

Our History

Founded by Gordon M. Maher in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Soltron Corporation introduced a revolutionary product line of Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights to the Canadian market in 2011. Their compact design, high lumens, and low wattage made Soltron Corporation’s lighting solutions unique to the market. Today, Soltron has expanded the sale of LED lights, solar lights to over 20 countries worldwide.

Established by award-winning entrepreneur John J. Ghaznavi, Soltron USA Limited was formed to bring Soltron’s elite products to the US market. Today, Soltron USA Limited is the Exclusive Head Distributor of Soltron LED lights, solar lights in the United States, Middle East, Africa, and Asia.