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  • Soltron LED Products

    We have a solution for every space. Reduce your long term energy costs and environmental impact while enhancing beauty and safety.

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  • Enhanced Beauty

    Soltron’ s clear full color spectrum light shines brightly and evenly bringing out the beauty of every space—from showroom to boardroom.

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  • Energy Efficiency

    Invest in long term energy cost savings. Reduce or eliminate maintenance costs. A win-win solution for you and the planet.

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  • Increased Productivity

    No more burned-out bulbs, dark spots, flicker, or glare. Soltron creates well-lit work spaces, increasing safety and work performance.

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  • Added Safety

    Soltron’s mercury-free lighting solutions keep citizens and workers safe by ensuring well lit spaces that deter accidents and crime.

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  • History / Mission

    Soltron Corporation is your premier provider of LED lighting solutions.

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  • Industries

    Around the world, top corporations and developers are adding value, safety, and beauty to their spaces by joining the LED revolution.

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  • Distribution

    Join the LED revolution on the ground floor. Become a part of history. Become a Soltron Distributor.

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